Active Probe
Make / Model: GGB Industries Inc. - Picoprobe 12C
Active Probe
Active Probe is a high speed, high input impedance probe for measuring the internal node voltage of integrated circuits. This instrument has full dc capability and can be used with any oscilloscope. Rugged, dependable, and high speed, the active probe presents a very modest load to the integrated circuit. It can be used to troubleshoot high speed bipolar, NMOS and CMOS circuits - even some short holding time dynamic nodes.

Active probe
1) Input capacitance: 0.1 pF
2) Input resistance: 1.0 megohm
3) Rise/fall time: 0.8 ns
4) Bandwidth: DC to 500 MHz
5) Linearity: 0.5%
6) Voltage range: -10 V to +20 V
7) Gain accuracy: ±3%
6) Signal attenuation: 10 to 1 (high input impedance)
20 to 1 (50 ohm input)

Active probe needle (GGB 12C-4-35)
1) Probe tip size: < 2.0 um

Active probe needle (GGB 12C-4-10)
1) Probe tip size: < 0.1 um

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