Focused Ion Beam (FIB)
Make / Model: Schlumberger IDS P3Xa
Focused Ion Beam (FIB)
The gallium source FIB (Schlumberger IDS P3Xa) system can be used to perform front-side circuit editing on semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs).

Cutting and re-wiring of signals, deposition of new vias and probe pads can be performed by using the FIB system.

During operations, by delivering different gases to the surface of the sample inside the FIB chamber, the surgical rate of milling (gas assisted) or deposition (such as platinum) can be enhanced.

Our FIB system can also be used for cross-sectioning and imaging of semiconductor ICs.
Equipment Specifications
1) Beam Energy: 5 to 30 keV
2) Beam Current: 1 to 12000 pA
3) Standard Working Distance: 20 mm
4) Resolution: 5 nm
5) Field of View: 3000 um × 3000 um, max at 5 keV, 20 mm WD
500 um × 500 um, max at 30 keV, 20 mm WD
1 um × 1 um, min at 30 keV, 20 mm WD
6) Depositions: Platinum (Conductor), SiO2 (Insulator)
7) Assisted Etching: Dielectric preferential halogen etchant
Metal (aluminium) preferential halogen etchant
8) Stage Navigation: 200 nm over 500 um × 500 um (manual)
100 nm over 200 um × 200 um (auto)
9) Wafer Stage: Up to 200 mm (manual movement)

Example photos:
Cutting and re-wiring of signals
Cutting and re-wiring of signals
Probe pad deposition
Probe pad deposition
Cross-sectioning of IC by FIB
Cross-sectioning of IC by FIB

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