Make / Model: Leica MZ6 Stereoscope
The Leica MZ6 modular stereomicroscope with 6.3:1 zoom covers important magnification ranges for non-destructive 3D observation of semiconductor packages.

This stereomicroscope provides an overall magnification of 2.0x to 40x and maintains constant sharpness throughout the whole magnification range.
Equipment Specifications
1) Light source: Leica CLS 150X, 150W cold light source
(with optical fibre lightguides and ringlight)
2) Interchangeable achromatic objectives: 1.0x, 0.32x
3) Adapter for oblique observation: 0.6x
4) Wide-field eyepieces: 10x/21B, distortion free
5) Magnification changer: 6:1 zoom, 0.63x to 4.0x
6) Nine ratchet positions: At 0.63x, 0.8x, 1.0x, 1.25x, 1.6x, 2.0x, 2.5x, 3.2x & 4.0x
7) Magnification: 6.3x to 40x (with 1.0x objective and 10x eyepieces)
2.0x to 12.8x (with 0.32x objective and 10x eyepieces)
8) Maximum numerical aperture: 0.075 with 1.0x achromatic objective
9) Working distance: 81 mm (1.0x objective)
10) Dioptric correction: +5 to -5
11) Video, filming, software for
      archiving and for image processing:
Leica DC300 digital imaging system,
Leica IM1000 image manager with
photo assembly, multi-focus and measurement function

Example photos:
Stereomicroscope example photo 1 Stereomicroscope example photo 2
Stereomicroscope example photo 3 Stereomicroscope example photo 4

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