SPADE Center Charging Scheme

Focused Ion Beam Machine (FIB) $2,180 / hour
Manual Decapsulation $160 - $920 / device
Wet Etch $150 - $320 / layer
ESD Tester $980 / hour
Laser Cutting System $980 / hour
Confocal Microscope $980 / hour
Stereomicroscope $200 / hour *
Liquid Crystal Thermal Analysis $1,410 / hour
Mechanical Cross-section $920 / hour
Grinding and Polishing $920 / hour
Probe Station $800 / hour
Active Probe Arm $350 / hour *
General Electrical Instrument
(Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Logic Analyzer, etc.)
$280 / hour *
Curve Tracer $230 / hour *
Ultrasonic Cleaner $115 / hour *
Consultation $575 / hour
Labour ** $400 / hour
FA Report Writing $2,875 / report
Encapsulation $820 / hour
Wafer Sawing 550.00 (6-inch wafer)
Manual Wire Bonding (Aluminum) $460 / hour
Burn-in Oven $500 (first hour), $30 / hour (subsequent hours)

    * No technical assistance provided (self-operate by user)
  ** Labour charge refers to the technical assistance of using Stereomicroscope, General Electrical Instrument,
       Curve Tracer, Ultrasonic Cleaner and set-up of FIB wafer stage.

       Please note that technical assistance will be provided to the above equipment without a "*" or "**".

     Charging rates for manual decapsulation:
          COG package HK$920 / device (remove die from glass panel)
          COF package HK$460 / device (remove die from film)
          COB, TAB packages HK$460 / device
          TQFP package (pin count less than 100) HK$230 / device
          QFP package (pin count less than 100) HK$230 / device
          SOIC, DIP, PLCC packages HK$230 / device
          TSOP package (pin count more than 18) HK$230 / device
          SSOP package (pin count more than 20) HK$230 / device
          QFN-5x6 package HK$310 / device
          QFN-3x3 package HK$460 / device
          Micro-8, Micro-10 packages HK$160 / device
       Please note that BGA package and extremely small size packages cannot be successfully decapsulated manually.
       Packages not listed above are subject to charge evaluation.
       Packages with copper bonding wires are subject to charge evaluation.

   Charging rates for wet etch delayering are as follows (limited to two layer metal device):
          Delayering polyimide HK$320 / layer / device
          Delayering dielectric HK$320 / layer / device
          Delayering polysilicon HK$320 / layer / device
          Delayering metal HK$150 / layer / device

  1. The new charging rate will be effective from 1 Jan 2017.
  2. Office hours of the SPADE Center:
        9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Mondays to Fridays) and 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (Saturdays)
  3. Jobs performed on Sundays and public holidays will be charged at 2 x basic rate.
  4. Jobs performed during non-office hours (except Sundays and public holidays) of the SPADE Center will be
    charged at 1.5 x basic rate.
  5. Except Sundays and public holidays, jobs preempting other jobs on queue will be charged at 1.5 x basic rate.
  6. All hourly-charged services are charged per 15-minute or part thereof, with a minimum charge of one hour,
    for each individual service performed within a single day.

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