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Service Request Form - Manual Decapsulation
Name of Company/Institution:
User Name:
Title / Position:
Contact Phone Number:
Date of Use (dd/mm/yyyy):
Note: The date available for decapsulation is subject to jobs on queue.
Description of Job Request:
Special Request:

Do you accept priority rate?
(See "Notes 3 to 5" of the SPADE Center Charging Scheme.)

Will you have your staff present in the SPADE Center to monitor this job during the reserved time period?

Do you want to continue the job request when the time needed to perform the request exceeds the duration of the time booked by this reservation?
(This option will only be available if there is no other customer's job following your reserved time slot.)

Additional information
Please provide sufficient and accurate details concerning this job request.
If you fail to provide such details, the SPADE Center may not be able to provide such kinds of service
and damage of your samples may occur.

Package type:
Package type (others):
Pin count:
Package material:
Quantity submitted for decapsulation:
Number of dummy samples submitted:
Die size:
Amount of exposure:
Need to keep bond wires intact?
Will the device(s) be electrically tested after decapsulation?
Multi-die package?

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the SPADE Center.


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